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Research and Development

R & D department has been carved out to exclusively deal with development & complaints. This department works in two ways:-

a) Develop the filters that have been sent by the big consumers directly to the factory for development as import substitution.

b) The replacement market creates demand for the new filters to be used in the models and new type of vehicles.

These research activities are coordinated by developing contacts with foreign organizations like suppliers of filtration media, adhesives, steel and the organizations publishing the news and developments in the sector of filtration and separations.

The filter paper manufacturers are helpful, as they have to coordinate their efforts with the filter manufacturers to develop the filter papers according to the requirement of new filters. Presently the requirement of filtration media are being met from imports from the countries like JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA in Asia while Germany & England in Europe. The adhesives are of various types and are imported from U.K., ITALY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN & SOUTH KORE.